The Most Popular Types of Essay and Their Characteristic

Features What Are Different Types of Essay About?

Being a University student implies many tasks and obligations. The most annoying, and, on the other hand, creative and entertaining task is essay writing. There are a great variety of different types of essay . Students are offered to practice their writing skills in persuasive and argumentative essays, cause and effect essays and critical analysis essays, book reviews and narrative essays. We’ll focus on some the most widely submitted essay types.

First of all let’s find out: what is an essay of a distinction?

A level essay is an essay with a clear-cut thesis, written to the point without spelling and punctuation errors. When submitting an essay, every students hopes to get a good mark. However, it turns out that an essay gets much critical remarks and unexpectedly low grade. There are some not so evident mistakes which are grammar imperfections. This can be stylistic errors, the language choice and broken argumentation flow or lack of thesis statement. Unnecessary eloquence or verbosity also makes one’s academic assignment unappealing.

Actually essay writing requires a kind of oratory talent. Finding oneself studying in some educational institution, one faces many challenges with essays or research papers writing as it requires much time and efforts to complete a decent piece of writing. Whatever types of essay writing you have to deal with, you must be ready to read, argument, persuade, analyze and prove that you opinion is worth of attention.

Of course, there are some simple essay types like classification essays which can be easily covered by a freshman. Sorting things into useful categories is not a big deal for a high school student. All one has to do is to select a topic, do much reading and identify the categories.

Another popular essay type is cause and effect essay which implies investigation of certain phenomenon, event or situation exploring what has caused it and what impacts are evident. This essay requires collection of all possible information on the object under research, focusing on details and linking different aspects to understand phenomenon or some happening.
Persuasive essay is also among preferred types of essay assignments. It is rather complicated task as it requires more advanced writing skills, ability to find convincing arguments, to follow logical flow and view some issue from different perspectives. One requires to start with well-defined thesis and this requires much reading and analyzing.

Different essay types which are often exploited by professors for academic assignments can be found among good essay examples or samples which can be found online. It is true that you can find different types of essay online. However, you cannot use them as your own piece of writing. Feeling difficulty at writing some essay, you can ask for a help at custom essay writing companies which devote all their time, efforts and perseverance to academic writing. Ordering an essay will save you from tortures of searching for inspiration and getting maximum out of your writing abilities.

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